It all started in the late 80's

Our first Nile Cruise has been sailing for over 33 years

Serenity Cruises Group is the perfect vacation getaway for you to enjoy an unforgettable trip on the Nile river while discovering the history of Egyptian civilization in Luxor and Aswan.

With our three decades of experience and knowledge we always strive to  provide outstanding services to our guests and exceed their expectations.

During this voyage on the Nile, you will be walking inside the most well-preserved and emblematic historical sites dating back to pharaonic times.

This cruise ship sailing experience is an embodiment of serene nature and rich history. There is no better way to explore Egyptian monuments and sail through the longest river in the world.

The vision of Serenity Cruises is to engrave an everlasting memory when choosing to travel with us.

Our solid background in hospitality will allow you to relax and experience high-quality service.

Our program offers culture and entertainment for our guests on board.